Enjoy your own personal light show - Aurora Borealis.

There's a serene mood to every morning, as the colours of the day unfold.

Life takes you down many paths, and some of the best ones lead to the beach.

Viking Beach Chair - Víkinga Strándstóll

Rosa, like every sunset, is an opportunity to rest.

Cozy Queen bed on main and Double in spacious loft.

Everything to get you cozy.

Aromatic coffee French pressed that will fill the pages of your book.

Beach day? - Strandar dagur

Stay warm the old fashioned way.

Nothing calms like coffee and chocolates. - Ekkert róar eins og kaffi og súkkulaði.

Picnic table, shower, BBQ and a set of Viking Strandstóll, just a short board walk from the beach!

Overhead living room view. A perfect spot to sit back and unwind.

For those who like bunk beds, you'll love this!

Comfortable compost toilet.

Wake up on Lake Winnipeg. - Vakna við Winnipeg-vatn.

Every sunset is also a sunrise; it depends where you stand - Karl Schmidt

Sunsets and bonfires as you count the billion stars.